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Trauma Informed Yoga Series

  • Kula Yoga Center 9112 West 6th Avenue Lakewood, CO, 80215 United States (map)

Trauma Informed Yoga Series

Mondays 5:00-6:30pm July 2nd until August 6th

Trauma is often times held within the body regardless of weather or not the trauma occurred to the body specifically. While talk therapy and medication have both proven to be beneficial, there seems to be a missing piece in the healing and recovery process. This is where Trauma-Informed Yoga comes in, and where it has proven to further the release and healing of trauma. Complete, permanent healing must be addressed at the core, in the body….where the trauma is physically residing in order for thorough release to occur. Trauma-Informed yoga provides a safe place for survivors to develop a new and safe relationship with their body.

This 6-week series is aimed to help survivors befriend and feel safe in their body, begin their healing process and release trapped trauma within the body. No prior yoga experience is required. Each class within the series will be gentle and slow in nature, allowing the body and mind time to process and feel. You will come away with the knowledge and tools to more adequately handle stressors connected to your trauma so you can walk through your life with more confidence and peace.

Trauma-Informed Yoga is for anyone, but can be particularly helpful and healing for trauma survivors including, but not limited to, the following types of trauma:

• PTSD of any kind
• Childhood trauma
• Sexual trauma
• Surviving a natural disaster
• Surviving/witnessing an attack
• First responders holding trauma from their first-hand accounts on the job
• Emotional/spiritual/physical abuse or trauma
• Death of a loved one and/or close encounters with death
• Surviving an accident
• Surviving or witnessing anything horrific and/or traumatizing

*Trauma-Informed/Sensitive Yoga is not therapy. It is aimed to be an adjunct treatment for trauma and it's recommended that survivors have talk therapy when necessary.
*Complete healing is an ongoing and daily surrender. Please do not have expectations that you will be fully healed after a 6-week series. This series is intended to help the healing process and better equip you in that journey.

$120 Investment for all six sessions

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