Yin and Restorative Teacher Trainings

One of the most powerful practices we can embrace is one of slowing down and going inward. It is deeply nourishing to practice and even more powerful to teach and study.

Join Cole and Heather for a deep immersion studying the art of teaching yin and restorative yoga. While these two modalities are different in function and philosophy they are complimentary in how the body experiences the sensation of stillness.

Photo Cred: Mcleod9 Creative

Photo Cred: Mcleod9 Creative

In this training you will:

  • Learn the differences and synergies between yin and restorative yoga

  • Study the anatomy of key poses as well as modifications for all bodies

  • Practice and receive sequencing for the maximium benefit

  • Understand how the subtle body experiences yin and restorative yoga

  • Learn best practices for assisting yin and restorative poses

  • Receive an in-depth manual for your future reference

This training is ideal for yoga teachers looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of yin and restorative yoga.

2019 Dates: 

Level One Training

September 27th-29th at Mudra Yoga Studio (Denver) (LAST ONE IN 2019!)

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2020 Dates:

Level One Training

January 17-19th at Asana Studio (Arvada)

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May 1st-3rd at Samadhi Yoga Center (Denver) (Link to Come)

Level Two Training

June 5-7th at Samadhi Yoga Center (Denver) (Link to Come)