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A Journey Inwards: A Yin Yoga Practice at Mudra Yoga Studio

Sunday, December 9th 2:00-4:00 PM

Drop deeply into yourself as we journey inwards to a place of stillness. The invitation is of stillness - of the body and the mind. In longer held and more supported poses, we can go inside, in the quiet refuge that exists within ourselves. It is in this place where we can truly find rest.

Physically, we will focus on releasing the tissues in the body through yin style of movement. Postures in this practice will typically be held for over 5 minutes and are done reclined or seated. By holding supported poses, we can cultivate change within the stiffer tissue fibers (yin-like) within your body.

While the majority of our time will be in yin style, Cole will also interweave some gentle flow and other styles into this practice.

This practice suitable for all levels offers each of us the opportunity to dive into the landscape within you.

Consider dressing in comfy warm layers, as the body often cools down when we slow down.

$35 per person OR $30 if registration is completed by November 25th. 

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