Photo Cred: Mcleod9 Creative

Photo Cred: Mcleod9 Creative

My passion is to support everyday people as they safely and playfully step into their own confidence and connect deeply with themselves.  My method of choice: yoga. Yoga can empower individuals physically, mentally, and emotionally.  And with some curiosity and openness, it can have lasting benefits that run deep.

As a constant student myself, I am right there with you on this crazy, heart-filled journey called life using the tools I’ve found from yoga along the way.  The personal awareness I’ve experienced in my own practice has both helped me navigate discomfort and cultivate a deep sense of ease within myself.  I aim to create an accessible space for others to do the same. 

Whether you join me for one of my weekly yin or flow practices around Denver, a yoga hike to infuse some Mama Earth with your practice, or my many other offerings, I invite you to come along explore some of what yoga has to offer you!

Among my greatest influences as a teacher are the Samarya Center’s focus on supporting the individual in each yoga practice, other amazing yoga teachers and movements driven to make the practice of yoga accessible to all bodies (and souls!), the Buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön, researcher storyteller Brené Brown, and most profoundly the strength and vulnerability I witness students grow in their own practice.

This life is messy but also full of joys!  Among mine are laughing with friends and loved ones, dancing until the wee hours, traveling, cooking, pie making, being outside as often as I can and finding ways to live more eco-friendly.  Oh, and chocolate with peanut butter.