What is Trauma Sensitive Yoga?

Trauma is often times held within the body regardless of whether or not the trauma occurred to the body specifically. While talk therapy and medication have both proven to be beneficial, there seems to be a missing piece in the holistic healing and recovery process. This is where Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TSY) comes in, and where it has proven to further the release of held trauma.  Complete, permanent & holistic healing must be addressed at the core, in the body where the trauma is physically residing in order for thorough release to occur. TSY provides a safe place for survivors to develop a new and safe relationship with their body.

A typical TSY class will be very gentle in nature. It requires no prior knowledge or experience of yoga. It places emphasis on body awareness and breath. It offers countless choices throughout practice providing the opportunity for empowerment and control. A student is always encouraged to make their own adjustments and modifications so they feel the optimal amount of safety.

Trauma-sensitive yoga is NOT counseling. It is an adjunct treatment to counseling/talk-therapy and/or medications. It’s purpose is to address trauma where it starts and/or where it is trapped within the body and to renew the survivor’s safety within their own body.

Through my own experiences with yoga, I have found an ease of some of my own trauma symptoms. I have also found it a great way to re-engage with my own body, heart and mind in a safe space.

TSY is for everyone! Trauma is a part of life, but we do not have to live with symptoms from our trauma.

Where can I find TSY Classes?

It is my intention to offer classes that support trauma survivors in befriending their body. My public in-studio classes, I offer options for all students and only assist students when given permission. They are informed by trauma sensitive yoga techniques, however, unless a dedicated gentle practice, they may be more challenging practices.

TSY Series: For a purely TSY practice, myself and Rachel Stroud offer series through out the year. Please email for information about upcoming series: cole@coleschlam.com.